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DS12C887+ - Maxim Integrated

Description: Maxim Integrated DS12C887+, Real Time Clock (RTC), 113B RAM Multiplexed, 24-Pin EDIP

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Risk Rank: Design Risk

DS12C887+ — Maxim Integrated
2.2 - Low Design Risk
Design Risk Rank is determined by in-depth analysis across multiple factors, including part availability, functional equivalents, lifecycle and more. Learn more →

Risk Rank

Risk Rank is a proprietary algorithm Supplyframe has developed to quantify component risk using multiple data points. This ranking helps engineers and buyers determine whether alternates should be sought for parts that are deemed as high risk.

Risk Rank Example

Risk Rank is determined by a combination of factors such as product lifecycle status, price & inventory volatility, current inventory availability and much more. Even the availability of manufacturer specifications, part documentation such as datasheets and reference designs have an impact on determining the overall riskiness of a part.

The risk is characterized across three product phases:

  • Design
  • Production
  • Long Term

We focus on the Design Phase on Component Search Engine in our evaluation of Risk.

Design Phase

The design phase of a product is at the beginning of the product lifecycle. This is when engineers are doing analysis of components in the marketplace, determining which specifications are most important for their design and assessing the cost impact of using this particular component. While this is early in the product lifecycle, choices at this point can severely impact a product much later on when the product is being made. Additionally, this stage is the one furthest from a product being made, which is why we focus on metrics of stability over time when determining Design Risk.

Risk Rank Breakdown

DS12C887+ Overview

No models are available for download for DS12C887+. You can still request or build the schematic symbol and PCB footprint by using the respective build or request forms on this page.
DS12C887+ by Texas Instruments has a low Design Risk Rank score of
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Real Time Clock, Non-Volatile, 1 Timer(s), CMOS, PDIP24, ENCAPSULATED, DIP-24