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Omron TM Series Collaborative Robots


Many low-volume, high-mix factories still rely on manual assemblies because automating these processes is often too complex and costly to implement. Collaborative robots, or Cobots, are designed to work with humans and other machines, combining people’s creative problem-solving capability with robotic precision to complete repetitive and sometimes dangerous tasks.

Omron’s TM Series of Cobots makes automating these processes easy. Hand guidance mode allows users to set points and assign tasks using buttons on the cobot’s arm without any programming, while an intuitive graphical programming interface can be used to create full workflows with minimal training.

Omron’s TM Series is designed for flexible manufacturing and is well-suited for high-mix, low-volume production. Users can leverage multiple plug-and-play devices for maximum flexibility, including various grippers, screwdrivers, sensors, 3D bin picking tools, connectivity modules, and more. TM series cobots can be used in packaging, assembly, machine tending, dispensing, and other applications. Design adherence to ISO/TS 15066 standards allow users to work with the cobot safely with little to no physical barriers. Complex safety settings can be auto calculated in moments thanks to the cobot’s Guided Safety setup.

The built-in vision system uses landmarks to establish its position without the need for fixed jigs each time the cobot is redeployed to a different task or application. It also supports multiple vision functions, including code reading, shape and image recognition, and more.

Omron’s TM series is available in multiple configurations, with reach ranging from 700 to 1300 millimeters and a maximum payload up to 14 kilograms. The cobots can be mounted at any angle and inverted or on a mobile workstation for easier movement.

Learn more about Omron’s collaborative robots.

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