12065C104KAT2A - AVX

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PCB footprint for AVX 12065C104KAT2A - Capacitor Chip Non-polarised
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AVX 12065C104KAT2A (Capacitor Chip Non-polarised) 3D model isometric projection.
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Manufacturer AVX
Part Number 12065C104KAT2A
Pin Count 2
Part Category Capacitor
Package Category Capacitor Chip Non-polarised
Footprint Name J1206
Confidence Level C3 - In house written
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12065C104KAT2A 1206 X7R ceramic capacitor, 50V 0.1uF AVX 1206 FlEXITERM 100nF Ceramic Multilayer Capacitor, 50 V dc X7R Dielectric /-10% SMD

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