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Learn more about Component Search Engine

Free high quality PCB libraries for ECAD tools

What is Component Search Engine?

Component Search Engine, a Samacsys product by Supplyframe, is a search portal that gives users access to hundreds of thousands of ECAD models, symbols, and footprints.

Component Search Engine allows you to seamlessly accelerate your component design cycle.

Browse symbol, footprint and 3D model examples

What can I do with a Component Search Engine account?

By registering for an account, you can search and download models that integrate directly into your CAD system. We support seamless integration with over 24 CAD systems, including Altium, Eagle, Proteus, Zuken, Cadence, and KiCad.

There are no fees or any sort of payment requirements for a Component Search Engine account. Footprints, symbols, and 3D model downloads are all FREE.

Alongside ECAD Models, Component Search Engine will also give you helpful part information and tools to help you find and verify the part you are looking for, including interactive 3D model, footprint, and symbol previews, datasheets, part data attributes, and design risk rankings.

What if I can't find the component model I need on Component Search Engine?

Self Build Tool

Build it yourself in our easy-to-use, web-based part creation tool.

FREE 48H Request

Request a part, and we will build it for you.

If an ECAD model is not available in our systems for the part you need, registered users can request the part to be built for them, or use our Build Wizard to create the part.

Part request can typically be completed within 2 business days or 48 hours. Simply provide the information in the provided fields and submit the request. Notification emails will be sent to keep you informed with the progress of your part request.

The Build Wizard and Part Request services are included with a free account registration.

Library Loader

This helper application streamlines the process of loading our models into your CAD system.

Simply click this icon E.g. Library Loader Icon from any website and once the Library loader is installed the model will appear on your cursor ready to place on your design. From a website to your design in seconds!

How to use the Libraries

  1. Install the Library Loader
  2. Run Library Loader from the desktop shortcut
Download & Install

Subsequent library downloads go straight into your ECAD Tool.