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Technical Content

New Part Introduction Videos

Product Videos

Bel Power Solutions EPG500 & MEPG500 AC-DC Power Supplies

This product video is brought to you by Mouser Electronics, an authorized distributor of Bel Power Solutions.

Bel Power Solutions EPG500 and MEPG500 series represent a pinnacle in AC-DC power supply technology, offering robust, reliable, and high-performance solutions for a diverse range of industrial, telecommunications, and data center applications. These power supplies are engineered to meet the stringent requirements of modern electronic systems, providing efficient and stable power delivery in demanding environments... See More

Manufacturer: Bel Power Solutions
Product Videos

TDK-Lambda PYD20 20W Single- & Dual-Output DC-DC Converters

This product video is brought to you by Mouser Electronics, an authorized distributor of TDK-Lambda.

The TDK-Lambda PYD20 series presents a robust and versatile solution for DC-DC conversion needs, offering both single- and dual-output options with a power rating of up to 20 watts. Engineered with meticulous attention to detail, these converters are designed to meet the exacting standards of modern electronic systems across various industries... See More

Manufacturer: TDK
Product Videos

Amphenol El Sharko

This product video is brought to you by Mouser Electronics, an authorized distributor of Amphenol.

VPX system development in modern military contexts demands agile approaches that accommodate shorter development cycles and the integration of diverse payloads to meet evolving system requirements. This necessitates hardware convergence and interoperability across military platforms... See More

Manufacturer: Amphenol
Product Videos

Positronic SP Max Rugged Power & Signal Connectors

This product video is brought to you by Mouser Electronics, an authorized distributor of Positronics.

In some of the most demanding environments, such as military operations, space missions, satellite systems, and commercial air travel, the need for reliable connectors that can withstand extreme conditions is paramount. Positronic SP Max rugged power and signal connectors, readily available through Mouser Electronics, stand out as a solution designed explicitly for these rigorous applications... See More

Manufacturer: Positronic
Product Videos

Molex SW1 High-Current WTB & Busbar Interconnects

This product video is brought to you by Mouser Electronics, an authorized distributor of Molex.

Battery storage systems, power conditioning equipment, and numerous industrial automation applications demand robust and high-performing connections, especially when dealing with high currents and constrained spaces. Molex SW1 wire-to-board and wire-to-busbar interconnects, readily available from Mouser Electronics, represent a cutting-edge solution harnessing Molex's renowned COUER socket technology... See More

Manufacturer: Molex
Product Videos

Positronic MACH-D Connectors

This product video is brought to you by PEI-Gensis, a distributor of Positronic products.

The Positronic MACH-D connector family of high-performance M24308 intermateable D-Sub connectors feature a rugged precision machined shell for use in military, spaceflight, and other harsh applications.

MACH-D connectors provide superior EMI shielding, can tolerate high levels of mechanical shock, vibration, and impact, and are IP67 rated while the PosiBand contact technology ensures consistent electrical performance... See More

Manufacturer: Positronic
Product Videos

Murata XRCGB Series Crystal Units

Murata’s XRCGB series crystal units are compact and have an economical and robust design ideal for a variety of applications in consumer electronics including wireless and wired communications, processors, computer peripherals, game devices, and more.

XRCGB crystal units have a simple structure and leverage Murata’s proven resin-sealed package technology and a unique particle screening process that enhances reliability. The package has wide corners that increase the solder fillet size and are easier to inspect... See More

Manufacturer: Murata Electronics
Product Videos

Murata SCC400T Series Combined Gyro Sensor and Accelerometer

Murata’s SCC400T series high performance combined gyroscope and accelerometer leverages Murata’s proven capacitive 3D-MEMS technology to provide highly stable angular rate and acceleration data for IMUs, robotics, machine control, and other motion-based applications.

These sensors include a 300 degree per second, two-axis gyro gyro, a secondary gyro output, and dual a selectable 6 g and or 8 g accelerometer outputs with independent output filter control of the secondary outputs for application flexibility and redundancy. They utilize a new low noise architecture and have excellent linearity and offset stability over temperature, allowing for high accuracy measurements in harsh industrial environments... See More

Manufacturer: Murata Electronics
Product Videos

Murata High-Q Chip Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors

Murata High-Q capacitors are ideal for RF applications. These use a low dielectric and High Q ceramic plus copper inner electrodes to deliver high Q and low ESR that reduce losses and allow for higher current.

The GJM series is designed for mobile devices with tight space constraints... See More

Manufacturer: Murata Electronics
Product Videos

Murata Silicon Capacitors

Murata silicon capacitors use a unique, high aspect ratio 3D structure on a silicon substrate to substantially increase the effective capacitor surface area to significantly shrink capacitor size while also reducing ESL and ESR, addressing the needs of networking, high reliability, medical, automotive, and communications applications.

Murata silicon capacitors are offered in standard surface mount footprints as well as wire-bondable vertical and embedded versions, with thickness as low as 85 now 50 microns. This allows for integration with other passives and ICs to form a true system-in-package... See More

Manufacturer: Murata Electronics