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Technical Content

New Part Introduction Videos

Epson: RX8901CE/RX4901CE Real Time Clock Modules

Epson’s RX8901CE and RX4901CE are versatile and high precision real-time clock modules with low power consumption ideal for applications such as smart meters, security equipment, and smart lighting. The integrated event system with up to 3 event inputs can be used to detect events and record their timestamp while the MCU remains in sleep mode, reducing system power consumption for longer battery life. The modules can record timestamps for 32 events in either FIFO or direct mode... See More
Manufacturer: Epson Timing

Coilcraft: XGL6060 Series

Designers looking for the most efficient inductors for their DC-DC converters can look to Coilcraft’s XGL6060 series ultra-low-loss shielded power inductors. Part of the XGL family which features the industry’s lowest DCR and ultra-low AC losses, the XGL6060 series has a 6.91 by 6... See More
Manufacturer: COILCRAFT

Renesas: RA6T2 32-bit Motor Control MCU

Renesas RA6T2 32-bit MCUs are fast and flexible motor and inverter control solutions for home appliances, HVAC, and Industrial applications. The MCUs combine a 240-megahertz Arm Cortex-M33 processor with hardware accelerators and high-speed memory to enable the implementation of high-speed, high-response next-gen motor algorithms. The Trigonometric Function Unit and IIR filter accelerators offload these tasks from the CPU for increased real-time performance while also improving parallel processing performance as the CPU is free to complete other application tasks, such as communications and sensor monitoring... See More
Manufacturer: Renesas Electronics

Renesas: RZG2L/LC 64-bit MPU

Renesas’ RZG2L and RZG2LC microprocessors are 64-bit MPUs that simplify the development of HMI, AI, and industrial automation and control applications, delivering exceptional capability in a single-chip solution suitable for compact and portable applications. The MPUs feature a single or dual-core 1.2 gigahertz Arm Cortex-A55 CPU, plus an Arm Mali-G31 GPU, an Arm Cortex-M33 microcontroller, and support for DDR4 or DDR3L with in line ECC for increased reliability... See More
Manufacturer: Renesas Electronics

Coilcraft: 016008C (1005) Ceramic Chip Inductors

Coilcraft's 016008C series ceramic chip inductor is the world's smalled high-frequency wire-wound chip inductor. Measuring just 0.47 x 0.28 mm, with an ultra-low height of 0.35 mm, 016008C Series Ceramic Chip Inductors offer up to 40% higher Q than all thin-film types: up to 62 at 2... See More
Manufacturer: COILCRAFT

Renesas: Quick Connect IoT Platform

The Renesas Quick-Connect IoT platform provides standard hardware and software building blocks that enable fast prototyping of new IoT systems. Developers can use Quick-Connect IoT with one of several MCU evaluation kits, starter kits, or target boards to match the performance, power consumption, and memory footprint to the target application.... See More
Manufacturer: Renesas Electronics

Renesas: 100W Adaptor with Power Delivery & Wireless Charger

The Renesas 100W power delivery adaptor is an all-in-one charger that supports user demand for wireless and wired charging of multiple devices simultaneously. The charger is based on a competitive, total Renesas IC solution. The input features an active PFC controller with integrated protection functions that meets worldwide PFC standards and a high-efficiency quasi-resonant flyback controller that operates at high frequencies for a smaller and lighter design... See More
Manufacturer: Renesas Electronics

Renesas: Smart Asset Tracking Label

The Renesas Smart Asset Tracking Label leverages Renesas ultra-low power devices to provide package or asset tracking combined with environmental data logging in an ultra-thin, flexible and easily disposable device. The Smart Asset Tracking Label design is based on the DA14531 ultra-low power Bluetooth® Low-Energy (LE) 5.1 SoC with an Arm Cortex-M0+ MCU, an integrated PMU supporting buck and boost mode and a variety of peripheral functions that allows the DA14531 to maximize battery life while running from e... See More
Manufacturer: Renesas Electronics