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Technical Content

New Part Introduction Videos

Product Videos

MEAN WELL Battery Chargers and Inverters

This product video is brought to you by Sager Electronics, an authorized distributor of MEAN WELL products.

MEAN WELL NPB and NPP series chargers and NTS and NTU series inverters are compact and flexible power products for battery powered systems. They have a front panel for quick configuration and include multiple protection functions to ensure reliable operation... See More

Manufacturer: Mean Well
Product Videos

Wakefield DC Slim-Line Blowers

This product video is brought to you by Sager Electronics, an authorized distributor of Wakefield products.

Wakefield Thermal DC Slim-Line blowers are available in sizes as thin as 3.2 millimeters and are designed for tablets, notebooks, automotive applications, and other low-profile devices... See More

Manufacturer: Wakefield Thermal
Product Videos

LEMO T Series IP68 Water Resistant Pull-Pull Connectors

This product video is brought to you by Sager Electronics, an authorized distributor of LEMO products.

LEMO T Series connectors are designed for aircraft communications, land vehicles, test equipment, and other rugged applications.

The T Series connectors have an inner sleeve and seals that prevent the penetration of liquids or solids, achieving an IP68 rating when mated... See More

Manufacturer: LEMO
Product Videos

Renesas HS4000 Humidity Sensors

The Renesas HS4000 family of relative humidity sensors provide fast and accurate measurements in a compact package for a wide range of applications that include battery-powered portable devices to industrial equipment in harsh environments. The fully calibrated sensors are offered with relative humidity accuracy of plus or minus 1.5 percent RH... See More

Manufacturer: Renesas Electronics
Product Videos

Renesas DA14706 Highly Integrated Advanced Bluetooth 5.2 SoC

Renesas’ SmartBond DA1470x family of advanced Bluetooth 5.2 SoCs enable voice-controlled sensor applications with rich graphical interfaces while maximizing battery life. The DA1470x family of Bluetooth SoCs integrate a 160-megahertz Arm Cortex-M33F application processor, an Arm Cortex-M0+ sensor node controller for efficiently reading and processing sensor data, and an ultra-low power 2D GPU core and display controller providing advanced graphics capabilities... See More

Manufacturer: Renesas Electronics
Emerging Technology

The Opportunity of V2X (Vehicle to Everything)

This emerging technology content on the future of autonomous driving is brought to you by Murata.

Vehicle to Everything connectivity, or V2X, will benefit drivers, pedestrians, and the environment by allowing vehicles to communicate with other vehicles, infrastructure, pedestrians, and more.

The V2X ecosystem will leverage data from cameras, radar, LiDAR, and other vehicle sensors and share that data over Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or 5G networks... See More

Manufacturer: Murata Electronics
Product Videos

Omron TM Series Collaborative Robots

Many low-volume, high-mix factories still rely on manual assemblies because automating these processes is often too complex and costly to implement. Collaborative robots, or Cobots, are designed to work with humans and other machines, combining people’s creative problem-solving capability with robotic precision to complete repetitive and sometimes dangerous tasks.

Omron’s TM Series of Cobots makes automating these processes easy... See More

Manufacturer: Omron Electronics
Product Videos

Murata Polymer Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

Murata’s Polymer Aluminum Electrolytic range of capacitors feature low equivalent series resistance, low impedance, and high capacitance value thanks to the use of a solid state design. Due to their excellent ripple absorption and stable capacitance characteristics, these capacitors are ideal for use with power circuits, decoupling near sensitive digital logic circuits, and communication bus connectors.

Capacitors in the Polymer Aluminum Electrolytic range come in capacitances between 15 to 470 microfarads, have rated voltages from 2 volts to 25 volts, and equivalent series resistances between 4... See More

Manufacturer: Murata Electronics
Product Videos

U-blox SARA R5 Series LTE-M/NB-IoT Modules

This product video is brought to you by Mouser Electronics, an authorized distributor of u-blox.

The u-blox SARA-R5 series LTE-M and NB-IoT modules have built-in Secure Cloud functionality that provides state-of-the-art security to protect critical and confidential information. The modules feature u-blox’s UBX-R5 cellular chipset, which supports LTE Cat M1and NB2 data rates in multiple regions and is software upgradeable for 5G support... See More

Manufacturer: U-Blox
Product Videos

Renesas Electronics RZ/A3UL Group MPUs

This product video is brought to you by Future Electronics, an authorized distributor of Renesas Electronics.

Renesas Electronics RZ/A3UL Group MPUs bring high performance processing and RTOS support to enable quick startup and high-definition HMIs in industrial, home appliances, office automation, audio, and POS terminal applications.

Renesas Electronics RZ/A3UL is a cost-effective MPU based on a 1 gigahertz Arm® Cortex®-A55 core with DDR4/DDR3L and Octal-SPI memory interfaces to enable the full potential of a real-time operating system... See More

Manufacturer: Renesas Electronics